Winter is the perfect time to be able to experiment with layering pieces and wear longer sleeved designs that otherwise cannot be enjoyed during other times of the year. It is most helpful to have a couple of winter wardrobe pieces that are classic staples and then to pair them with accessories to give yourself a fresh, new look that enables you to express yourself.

As the seasons change, so do you, and it is through the expression of who we are today through the clothes that we wear that we can truly enjoy our clothes.

With the above in mind, this article will cover 5 timeless outfit tips and pieces that can be enjoyed as staple pieces in your wardrobe for many winters to come.


A great winter outfit tip is to choose pieces that can layer easily – or layer over other garments. Relaxed coats and blazers are always great options to look stylish while also having the ability to layer warmer pieces underneath. The challenge here is to wear a coat that suites your body type and shape so that it flatters your body, rather than make it look boxy.

A great option for doing this is to choose a coat that has a belt. For example, the CJK Alpaca Coat has both a flattering silhouette that also comes with a belt to give your body a great shape. 


Long sleeve designs in rich fabrics and darker hues are timeless and chic options for cooler seasons. Regarding dresses in particular, dresses cut in streamlined silhouettes can be worn under a wool coat and knee-high boots.

Knit dresses in organic fibres such as cashmere or wool can be elegant pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways with your other wardrobe staple items. A perfect example of this would be our cashmere knit dress, which can be found here. This dress also beautiful vertical lines in silver, sewn into the fabric, whereby the vertical lines serve to further slim down the figure of the body when the dress is worn. Pieces like this that take advantage of a vertical line pattern are effective in making you appear to look slimmer.


Duck down jackets are extremely warm to wear but also fun pieces to enjoy as they allow you to play with different architectural silhouettes and shapes, depending on how the jacket’s shape has been designed. For example, duck down jackets with fur attached to the hood of the jacket can give a very feminine look whereas other duck down jackets that have large, over-sized collars can give off a very cool, edgy look.

Duck down jackets are also extremely versatile in that they can be styled as casual streetwear outfits but also can be styled as more formal outfits in that they can be worn with pleated skirts and heels.

For more information on how you can best take care of your duck down jackets, check out our article “Taking Care of Duck Down” here. Shop our collection of duck down jackets here.



Chanel has immortalised tweed as a staple item in the winter wardrobe, and rightly so due to the elegance and sophistication tweed exudes whenever it is worn. It is a particularly great piece to wear when putting together an outfit as a wedding guest during the Autumn and Winter seasons. 

Tweed can be styled with casual jeans, with skirts, dresses or with more corporate outfits. The wonderful thing about tweed is that it is versatile and can be styled in a large variety of ways and enjoyed for many winters. You can find our collection of tweed jackets here.


Quilted coats can give a very laid back look that exudes elegance, sophistication and class. It is another classic wardrobe staple that can be styled with other layers underneath the coat to complete an outfit.

The look and style of a quilted coat can be greatly enhanced by the patterns and shapes created by the line stitches along the body of the fabric. The patterns created by the stitching can look quite decorative as well as serve the function of holding the quilted fabric together. The principal of using vertical lines to make you appear to be taller or slimmer also applies in the scenario of wearing quilted coats: stitch lines that are vertical can make you appear to be taller and slimmer when the coat is worn.

Quilted coats in cream, black or other softer colours are easy colours to choose from for styling with other items you might already have in your wardrobe. To view our range of quilted coats, you can find our variety of quilted coats here.

Ultimately, your style is what makes you unique. We hope that by taking these principals with you you might be able to find greater joy in styling and wearing pieces from your Winter wardrobe this season.


[Image of Carola Bernard via Style Du Monde.]
[Image of Black Puffer Jacket via Missguided.]
[Image of White Puffer Jacket via Vogue Italy.]
[Image by Diego M. via Vogue Russia.]
[Image of Blue Tweed Jacket via Lovely Pepa.]
[Image of White Tweed via All For Fashion Design.]
[Image of Black Quilted Jacket via Toteme Studio.]
[Image of White Quilted Jacket via Isabel Marant Etoile.]

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